Bluefire Hose MAPP Gas Soldering Torch Full Kit

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  • Diameter: 2.94 Inch
  • Height: 10.64 Inch
  • Capacity: 14.1 Ounce
  • Standard Cylinder Outlet: CGA 600
  • DOT Specification: 39 NRC
  • Pressure Rating: 250 PSI
  • Weight: 1.9 Pound
  • Melting Point/Freezing Point -301 Deg F
  • Initial Boiling Point -54.4 Deg F
  • Flash Point -162 Deg F
  • Vapor Pressure Rating 109.73 PSIG
  • Relative Density 0.52

BLUEFIRE Hose MAPP Gas Soldering Torch Full Kit

  • PRO KIT – Professional’s Ready-To-Go Kit with the Hosed Pen Torch, 6 x Relaceable Heads, Piezo Lighter, and the Storage Box. Upgraded CSA certified hose for more safety and Piezo igniter for higher ignition rate!
  • ALL PURPOSE – BLUEFIRE HT-1933 is a powerful and portable soldering torch station that would meet all your needs! No matter you are professionals or DIYers, if you need to do some precision projects that requires higher temperature than those Butane soldering torches, this soldering station is perfect tool for you!
  • ACCESSORIES – HT-1933 is equipped with 3′ long hose, allowing you enough space to move around during working. It is manually ignited, more traditional and reliable, a FREE flint spark lighter are included! You can also check our store for interchangeable Soldering Iron Heads Set that specially designed for this torch, make this an ALL PURPOSE tool for almost all working needs.
  • FUEL VERSATILE – Compatible with all portable fuel gas on the market, such as MAPP, MAP/Pro, Propane.
  • HOTTER & EASIER – This torch is run by propane or MAPP bottles with USA standard CGA600 connection. Much Hotter than the Butane, able to reach to higher temperatures and handle more difficult works!
  • LONGER RUNNING TIME – With the USA standard fuel cylinders, the running time for this torch is much longer, as an example, for a bottle of 16.1 oz MAPP pre-filled cylinder, the running time for this torch is more than 6 hours without refill. NO MORE FREQUENT REFILLS REQUIRED!
  • BEST WITH MAPP – To get the best performance, we highly recommended to use our BLUEFIRE Mordern MAPP Gas with this torch. Please check our store to purchase.