Danfoss Compressor SC21CL 7/8HP Bulk Supply

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The Danfoss piston compressor range includes small compressors with low cooling power through to large tandem compressors for commercial refrigeration systems or industrial applications.

DANFOSS Compressor SC21CL 7/8HP 104L2322

Special variants, such as compressors for special voltages, are also available. Danfoss piston compressors are available for all common HFC and CFC refrigerants.
They are widely used in many small and commercial refrigeration systems. Danfoss piston compressors (black finish) are normally optimized for a specific refrigerant and further adapted for large or small amounts of evaporation.
Danfoss MTZ piston compressors (blue finish) can be universally used with refrigerants R407C, R407F, R134a, R404A, and R507A. MT compressors remain available for use with existing R22 systems. These two series consist of single compressors with Rotolock connections or factory-assembled tandem units for especially high performance.

Danfoss piston compressors can be operated together as standard. The new NTZ compressors have been specially developed for low-temperature applications. These can be used with refrigerants R404A and R507A and stand out for their excellent COP value as well as their wide range of possible low-temperature applications. MTZ, MT, and NTZ compressors use 100% intake gas cooling.