Freeze Refrigerant R22 Gas 14kg Factory Wholesale

Suitable for Commercial Refrigeration,
Plug-ins & Vending Machines,
Industrial Refrigeration,
Transport Refrigeration,
Residential & Light Air Conditioning,
Industrial / Commercial Air Conditioning
DX Chillers and Industrial / Commercial Centrifugal Compressors.

Freeze Refrigerant R22 Gas 14kg Factory Wholesale

R-22 is a versatile intermediate in industrial organofluorine chemistry, e.g. as a precursor to tetrafluoroethylene.

R22 Refrigerant is widely used as a refrigerant in many commercial air conditioning applications

High-quality formula to help keep your air conditioning system running smoothly

Non-flammable and non-explosive

Manufactured and supplied according to internationally-recognized standards

Brand: Freeze Refrigerants
Product Size in cms (LxBxH): 19.05cm Diameter x 37cm Height
Product Weight Per Piece in Kgs: 16.10 kg
Actual Product Weight in Kgs: 16.72 kg
Total Product Weight in Kgs: 16.72 kg
EAN Code: 710535366105
Manufacturer Model No.: FreezeDCR22
Product Series: HCFC
Packing Size in cms (LxBxH): 24.7cm x 24.7cm x 42.5cm
Country of Manufacture: Thailand
Country of Origin: Singapore
Material: Disposable Metal Cylinder
Material Grade: HCFC
Color: Light Green
Finish: Metal
Product Shape: Cylinder