Helium Gas-150 Cf Aluminum Cylinder with Handle

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Aluminum cylinders are 1/3 the weight of steel cylinders, making them lighter to carry around the shop or from job site to job site!

150 Cubic Foot Cylinder Inflates:
600 – 9″ balloons
300 – 11″ balloons

Dimensions: 50″ from bottom to top of handle. 8.5″ in diameter.

Helium gas, the lighter-than-air wonder, adds a touch of magic to celebrations and events. Known for its buoyant and non-flammable properties, helium turns ordinary gatherings into vibrant, uplifting experiences. Picture colorful balloons dancing and defying gravity, all thanks to the enchanting allure of helium.


  • Chemical Symbol: He
  • Atomic Number: 2
  • Molecular Weight: 4.0026 g/mol
  • Density: 0.1786 kg/m³
  • Boiling Point: -268.93°C
  • Melting Point: -272.2°C
  • Color: Colorless, tasteless, and odorless
  • State at Room Temperature: Gas

Helium, a noble gas, takes center stage in creating a playful atmosphere, elevating celebrations, and leaving a lasting impression of joy and wonder.