Refrigerant Gas R600A From Direct Factory

Melting point: -255.3 ℉ -159.6℃,
Vapour pressure: (@70 F) 45 psia
Initial boiling point: 10.9℉- 11,73° C @ 1013 hPa
Auto-ignition temperature: 287 °C
Vapour density: 2,06 (air = 1)
Latent Heat At 25ºC: 332 KJ/KG
Volatile Component (%vol) 100
Autoignition: -778 ℉ (420℃)
Lower Flammability limit weight: 0.043 kg/n3
Lower Flammability Limit by volume: 1.8%,
Upper Flammability Limit: 8.4 %
Flash Point: -117℉ (-83℃) Closed Cup
Auto-igniƟon temperature (°C): 462 (365)
Vapour density (Air = 1): 2.06
Global Warming Potential: 3
Ozone Depletion potential: 0

R600a Technical, Physical, And Chemical Data Properties

R600 refrigerant fluid doesn’t degrade or damage the compressor and other parts of condensing unit or refrigeration unit because it has no impurities substance.

The overall physical properties are also very standard. R600a refrigerant has 58.1 molecular weight, -11.7 ºC boiling temperature, 135ºC critical temperature, and 0 ºC of glide temperature.

The possibility of r600a refrigerant gas mixing with oil is very low as there is outstanding adaptability with oil and lubricant. 

Melting point-255.3 ℉ -159.6℃,
Vapour pressure (@70 F)45 psia
Initial boiling point10.9℉- 11,73° C @ 1013 hPa
Auto-ignition temperature287 °C
Vapour density2,06 (air = 1)
Latent heat at 25ºC332 KJ/KG
Volatile Component (%vol)100
Autoignition-778 ℉ (420℃)
Lower Flammability limit weight0.043 kg/n3
Lower Flammability Limit by volume1.8%,
Upper Flammability Limit8.4 %
Flash Point-117℉ (-83℃) Closed Cup
Auto-igniƟon temperature (°C)462 (365)
Vapour density (Air = 1)2.06
Global Warming Potential3
FlammabilityHighly Flammable
Ozone Depletion potential0

What Is R600a Refrigerant Gas Used For?

R600 is mainly the first choice instead of R12 and R134a refrigerant because of its very low GWP.

Though the R600 refrigerant gas has a very high risk of flammability and high density than air, It is risky to use.

But it reduces the energy consumption of R134a and R12 refrigerant gas as their replacement alternative.

This natural ISObutane refrigerant gas doesn’t need to be recovered as it is hydrocarbon fluid.

It requires a semi-synthetic or a blend of mineral and Alkylbenzene oil.

It is one kind of safe refrigerant as non-toxic and has no harmful fluorine, affecting greenhouse gases.

Application Of R600a Refrigerant Gas?

R600a refrigerant gas is used in high-temperature refrigerant applications for any domestic, industrial, and commercial applications.

It is suitable for small air condensing units, air-cooled condensing units, outdoor ac units, or commercial refrigeration units.

When using the isobutane R600a refrigerant gas in domestic applications, it is easier to identify when there is a leakage.

It is undoubtedly perfect to use in any Rotary compressor, Bitzer compressor, Copeland Compressor, or Danfoss compressor in any fridges, freezers, display units, drink dispensers, chillers, outdoor condensing unit.