High Pressure Industrial Helium Gas Cylinder

  1. Gas Type:
    • Helium (He)
  2. Cylinder Type:
    • High-pressure industrial gas cylinder
  3. Cylinder Material:
    • Typically made of high-strength steel or aluminum alloy
  4. Cylinder Size:
    • Specify the volume capacity, usually measured in cubic feet (cu ft) or liters (L)
  5. Pressure Rating:
    • Specify the maximum pressure the cylinder is designed to withstand, often measured in pounds per square inch (psi) or megapascals (MPa)
  6. Valve Type:
    • Detail the type of valve fitted on the cylinder (e.g., CGA, DIN, or specific industrial standards)
  7. Outlet Connection:
    • Specify the type of outlet connection for easy compatibility with gas handling equipment
  8. Color Code:
    • Follow industry standards for color-coding to indicate the gas type (e.g., helium cylinders often have a brown color)
  9. Weight:
    • Provide the empty weight of the cylinder
  10. Gas Purity:
    • Specify the purity level of the helium gas (e.g., 99.999%)
  11. Manufacturing Standards:
    • Comply with relevant safety and manufacturing standards such as DOT (Department of Transportation), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), or regional standards
  12. Testing and Certification:
    • Include information on testing intervals, certification details, and compliance with regulatory requirements
  13. Usage Guidelines:
    • Provide information on proper handling, storage, and transportation of the helium gas cylinder
  14. Safety Features:
    • Outline any safety features incorporated into the cylinder design (e.g., burst disc, pressure relief devices)
  15. Application Compatibility:
    • Indicate the intended applications for which the helium gas cylinder is suitable (e.g., welding, laboratory use, industrial processes)
  16. Environmental Considerations:
    • Include guidelines for environmentally responsible disposal and recycling

Our Helium gas cylinders are typically made of high-strength steel or aluminum alloys to withstand the pressure of the compressed helium gas. The cylinders are designed and manufactured in compliance with safety standards to ensure their integrity and durability.

Place of Origin: Thailand
Pressure: High
Outside Diameter: 204mm
Capacity: 20L
Height: 810mm
Wall Thickness: 4.7mm
Working Pressure: 200bar
Test Pressure: 300bar
Weight: 27kg
Marerial: 34CrMo4
Standard: EN ISO9809
Valve: QF-2/QF-2D/QF-2G1/CGA540/CGA580

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