Professional Economy Inflator – No Gauge

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  • Helium Tank Regulator With 1PCS Latex to Mylar Foil Balloon Inflator Adapter Filler Valve Helium Tank
  • High Speed Latex Balloon Inflator
  • Can be used to inflate latex balloons only
  • Inflator has a hand tight connection, contents gauge, and vertical design.

Balloon Inflator manually inflates all sizes of latex and foil balloons.

The durable Economy Inflator is great for rental cylinders with an easy, hand-tight connection. Flex-Tilt Valve allows you to manually inflate foils and latex balloons. Hand-tight connection makes it easy to connect to the cylinder. A great entry-level inflator, recommended for rental cylinders. For use with Helium and Nitrogen.

• Balloon Inflator
• Flex-Tilt Valve (For Latex Balloons)
• Hand-Tight Connection

All Conwin Products Include:
• A Manufacturer Product Warranty on Manufacturer Defects and Product Workmanship.
• The Flo-Loc® – Conwin’s exclusive safety feature that automatically activates if the inflator is damaged while under pressure, reducing the flow of gas to a safe level.

Important: Equipment is threaded for cylinders with CGA 580 valves (helium and nitrogen tanks). For international orders, please contact us.